The Akin Vitrine Gallery launched on October 1, 2016 at our Dupont studios. This miniature gallery features the diverse talent of our members with a new installation each month.

The gallery is located at the Clock Factory Building at 1485 Dupont Street (entrance on Campbell Avenue). Find Akin Studio 215 on the second floor and follow the sign into the hallway around the corner. The building is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday to arrange a viewing outside of those hours please contact us at


Current Exhibition:

The Akin Vitrine Gallery is excited to present new work by Dufferin studio artist, Amanda Wand! This work will be on view for the month of October.

Amanda Wand’s new work, Emotional Acceptance, is a true representation of allowing and accepting all emotions. No emotions are good nor bad, they just are. She wants to provide a space for people to feel reassured that everyone is battling their emotions in different ways and that is what creates a beautiful social human experience. She uses the gallery space to bring together people who are mindful of social justice, and who can benefit from artwork that provides healing, inspiration, and empowerment. This show is about honestly accepting how you feel and taking the time to appreciate your feelings and how they shape you as a human being.

Mando, also known as Amanda Wand, is a Toronto based abstract artist. She allows herself to be guided by what she’s feeling, creating pieces that are imbued with emotion. The process of each piece is of utmost importance to Mando, as she wants the artwork to represent the wide range of human emotions we all possess. She finds inspiration in communicating the difficulties of processing social inequality in the world. 

Using her artwork as a reminder for everyone that it is imperative that we pause, reflect, and allow ourselves to express our emotions in order to move forward. Her artwork is the most honest representation of herself and she hopes to inspire moments of introspection in others as she finds the process of creation as a form of survival.

The building is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, or to arrange a viewing outside of those hours please contact the artist:

instagram: @mandoandtheworld

"Emotional Acceptance" by Amanda Wand - Akin Vitrine Gallery October 2017 Installation

"Emotional Acceptance" by Amanda Wand - Akin Vitrine Gallery October 2017 Installation

Past Exhibitions:

"The Angel of History" by Claire Correia - Akin Vitrine Gallery September 2017 Installation

"The Angel of History" by Claire Correia - Akin Vitrine Gallery September 2017 Installation

'The Angel of History' by Claire Correia - September 2017

The Akin Vitrine Gallery is excited to present new work by Akin Lansdowne studio artist, Claire Correia, on exhibit until the end of September. 

The Angel of History

She said: what is history?
And he said: history is an angel being blown backwards into the future
He said: history is a pile of debris
And the angel wants to go back and fix things
To repair the things that have been broken
But there is a storm blowing from paradise
And the storm keeps blowing the angel backwards into the future
And this storm, this storm is called progress

Laurie Anderson – excerpt from The Dream Before. 1989.

Claire Correia is a multi-media artist who works with both two and three-dimensional media including soft glass, in combination with small scale metal-working, paper engineering, and use of wood and other materials. Her installations, relief wall pieces and kinetic sculptures express ideas about energy, environment, and the Earth as a living entity. Claire also is a mother, paints, maintains a rigorous sketchbook practice, is a design educator in the School of Graphic Design at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, and is a pastry cook at the Dundas Park Kitchen in Toronto, Canada.

The Angel of History, 2017
Mixed Media
dimensions variable

The building is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, or to arrange a viewing outside of those hours please contact the artist:

instagram: @claire.correia

'404' by Enrique Velez Gaudite - August 2017


Enrique Velez Gaudite is a storyteller. Using imagery and text, found and original, he aims to compare and contrast the power of media in its digital and analog forms. He works in marketing communications by day and on his practice beyond the 40 hours outside of the fluorescent box. His work questions sincerity in social media and problematics that come with economics, love, and other conventions.

Enrique is a current member of Akin’s Dupont Studios and his installation, 404 will be on exhibit for the month of August 2017.  

He's also the founder of a small press called Particular Instances of the Possible which specializes in publishing books, zines, artists' prints, and objects.

404, 2017
Mixed Media
dimensions variable

instagram: @enrique_snaps

'Rimless' by Verity Griscti - July 2017

Our July exhibition was entitled ‘Rimless’ by Akin Dufferin member, Verity Griscti.

A drunk staggers home, an animal forages for food, a gambler wins and loses a fortune on a dice roll, and the scientist plots their every move neatly on a graph. Eventually, a model is determined and an algorithm created and all the romance gets sucked out of nature.  We run around modelling everything: molecules, bird flight, real-estate prices. We measure everything we can't predict and take comfort in it's tamed presentation between neatly labelled x and y-axes.

Mathematicians, economists and biologists model randomness in the hopes of unlocking a better understanding of their subjects. I model randomness because it's messy, often plain and occasionally beautiful, even whimsical.  Chance will ultimately roll over neatly defined borders and overflow onto its surroundings. It may look plain, divine or foul but it's a force that's always there.

Verity Griscti is an artist and jill-of-all digital trades based in Toronto. Her studio practice explores generative systems and seriality in both analogue and digital mediums. She's built numerous websites including the award-winning Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada and has participated in various exhibitions including The Toronto Outdoor Art Show, and EyeScream II: The Visual Life of Words  and Eye Scream III: Revenge of the Glyph, the visual arts component of the Scream Literary Festival. Verity received a BFA in Printmaking from OCADu in 2004 and is currently enrolled in Ryerson University's Computer Programming Applications Certificate in a move to go 'all in' on this internet thing.

Rimless, 2017
Mixed Media
dimensions variable

'Long Road' by Laura Kay Keeling - June 2017

Our June exhibition was entitled ‘Long Road’ by Akin Dupont member, Laura Kay Keeling! 

“Long Road references a road trip taken in June 2016 which began in Vancouver with stops in Seattle, Portland, road side spots in Washington State and ended in Kelowna. These images were all taken on expired 35mm slide film along the highway in Washington State. Once developed, these images all had a really interesting and vibrant post-apocalyptic vibe to them which I found was an interesting backdrop to have against the natural environment that exists around us. During this trip, it was quite breathtaking to see how rapidly the environment around us would change. There were moments when the highway was the only thing separating a desert like scene on our left and lush rolling hills of farmland to our right.” 

Travels, daydreams, field guides, coffee and film. Laura Kay Keeling resides in Toronto, ON and pulls inspiration from beautiful everyday moments shared through her photography and collage work. She is currently working on a 'HOT ROCKS' series of collages which are composed of gemstone cut outs from old field guides. “I’ve always been drawn to extreme environments, things that come from nature. As a kid, I was obsessed with gemstones, they’re all so beautiful in their own unique way. I’m blown away that these exist around us. I like the idea of taking something that is inherently beautiful, pulling it apart and then putting it back together”

Long Road, 2017
Mixed Media
dimensions variable

'High-Rise' by Jessica Thalmann - May 2017

Our exhibition for the month of May featured new work by Akin Lansdowne member, Jessica Thalmann.

“These people were content with their environment, and felt no particular objection to an impersonal steel and concrete landscape, no qualms about the invasion of their privacy by government agencies and organizations, and if anything welcoming these intrusions, using them for their own purposes. These people were the first to master a new kind of 20th century life. They thrived on the rapid turnover of acquaintances, the lack of involvement with others, and the total self-sufficiency of lives which, needing nothing, were never disappointed.”
– JG Ballard

High-Rise is a site-specific installation of hand-folded archival pigment prints investigating the exploding steel and glass landscape of downtown Toronto as a veritable condoland converges onto the apex of the city. The strange lives of condo-dwellers seem at once compact, luxurious and quietly desperate as reflected sunlight bounces between glass curtain walls, almost folding one unit onto one another, never knowing where one begins or ends.

Photographs of glass condos are folded using a special Miura pattern named for its inventor Japanese astrophysicist Koryo Miura. A Miura fold can be packed into a compact shape, and unfurled in a single motion. This pattern has even been used in solar panel arrays for space satellites in the Japanese space program have been Miura folded before launch and then spread out in space.

Jessica Thalmann is an artist, curator and writer currently based in Toronto and New York City. She received a Master of Fine Arts in Advanced Photographic Studies from ICP-Bard College and a BFA in Visual Arts from York University. She has worked at the Doris McCarthy Gallery, Toronto International Film Festival, C Magazine, the Art Gallery of York University and Yossi Milo Gallery. She has shown at various venues in Toronto, Vancouver and New York City including the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Flash Forward 2010, Whippersnapper Gallery, Nuit Blanche, the Artist Project, VIVO Media Arts Center, Aperture Foundation, the International Centre of Photography, Photoville, the Camera Club of New York and Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair.

High-Rise, 2017
Folded Archival Pigment Prints
dimensions variable

'A Measure' by Emma Aurelia - April 2017

"A Measure" is an ephemeral multi-media installation by Toronto artist and Akin Lansdowne member, Emma Aurelia on exhibition for the month of April. A hand dyed, hand woven sand bag resembling water hangs from the ceiling by industrial chain. The bag has been filled with 20 kg of both wet and dry sand. Grains seep through the open weave of the cloth representing the time sensitivity of threats posed on natural resources.

Graduating from OCADU's fibre program, Emma works primarily in textiles but her practice extends in many other directions including sound and ceramics. Emma was the recipient of the AKIN Collective Career Launcher Award granted to a student based on work exhibited at OCADU's GradEx 2016.
Instagram: @emma_aurelia_

Light Bath' by Adria Mirabelli - March 2017

New work from Akin Dupont member, Adria Mirabelli launched on March 1 in the Akin Vitrine Gallery. Her installation was intended to be a space of visual escape and an affirmation of the importance of self-care.

Light Bath
Hand cut vinyl, hardware, LED lights
dimensions variable

On view 24/7, time is an entity of interest inside a vitrine space. The vitrine offers a brief escape into another world- one whose welcome extends as long as the viewer chooses to stand in front of it. Winter can feel long and relentless and it is during these months that we often consider time with a heightened awareness. The days are shorter, and we desperately try to hold onto the light that leaves us. Cut from white vinyl, sprawling floral drawings fill the vitrine space with motifs of St. Johns wort, lavender flowers, wild roses, peonies and hemp leaves which are often regarded for their healing properties in combatting anxiety, depression and restlessness. The drawings are projected with soft beams of coloured light, which are controlled on site through Adria’s iPhone, changing in colour throughout the month.

Adria Mirabelli graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2015 with a major in Drawing and Painting and minor in Fibre. Having also studied at Parsons Paris, her work is influenced by craft and design processes. Her practice is driven by an experimental approach to mark-making whereby she integrates textile manipulation processes with drawing to create large scale works on silk, felt, vinyl and paper. Adria has created site specific installations at Gallery 1313, Xpace Cultural Centre, Artscape Youngplace, the Artist Project 2017 and was a resident at The Roundtable Residency in 2015. She lives and works in Toronto.
Instagram: @adriamirabelli

"Pepto-Abysmal" by Kyle Yip - February 2017

Our February installation featured work by Kyle Yip, a member of our Dupont Studios.

Multimedia artist Kyle Yip also known as Discrete, is a Toronto based artist, DJ, producer and label owner of Savvy Records. He is known not only for his first full-length album, 'The Midas Touch' which garnered him a nomination for 'Best Electronic Album of the Year' at the 2016 Canadian Juno Awards in Calgary, but also his remixes for international artists such as Brabe, Society of Silence and many more.

For his album, Kyle intertwined his love for jazz, disco and soul with a deep-house and techno tinged sensibility. This medley of inspirations were crucial to constructing a sound that is not only exuberant and enigmatic, but also nostalgic and thoughtful. A similar description could be given to his paintings which are equally as energetic yet considered through his use of colour and composition. Conceptually, his work explores the relationship between the concrete and the abstract. More specifically, the left and right hemispheres of the mind as well as physical and spiritual realm.

48 x 36 inches
Acrylic on panel

Rebecca Jane Houston - January 2017


Our January exhibition was by Rebecca Jane Houston, a multi-disciplinary artist who works out of the Lansdowne Akin studios.

Her recent work has been with clay, making plaster casts of “Kee Klamps" and pipe in various clay bodies. This meditation on the form of temporary infrastructure is still in its experimental phase and is shown here in the Akin Vitrine as a work in progress. Rebecca often works for a long time with a particular material or form, and allowing repetition of a joint or object create its own abstract narrative. Sometimes, the process leads towards finished pieces if that seems appropriate, but not always.

Rebecca has worked in the community arts for many years, sits on the board of Mercer Union and is the proprietor and curator of The Northern Beaver Gallery, a vending machine art project.

'The Braids' by Nicole Krstin - December 2016


The Braids ran for the month of December 2016 in the Akin Vitrine Gallery. This new work from Akin member, Nicole Krstin is part of an ongoing series intended to foster dialogue, awareness and understanding about women’s health issues.

“The Braids is about navigating the seemingly otherworldly experience of trying to paint a clear picture of our medical profiles. It is about the need to be vigilant about understanding our bodies, our rights, and about asking questions in order to empower ourselves, rather than remaining in the dark about our health. Layers of paint are carefully cut by-hand to reveal imagery that represent healthy tissue, disease, information, misinformation — all of which is explored and or filtered-out in order to learn more about our bodies. The braids, which are interlaced and therefore stronger than the strands alone, represent the power of knowledge; revealing what is beneath the darkness.”

Nicole Krstin is a visual artist, currently focusing on film photography and painting. She is a “retired” graphic designer, holding a BA from the University of Toronto, with a Major in Anthropology and a Minor in English. Nicole describes herself as being known for incessant mouth breathing, an unrelenting admiration for cats, and saying weird things in-person and on social media. She is uni-coastal, splitting time between Toronto and Brooklyn.

'Scumland Lazy River', 'Crusty Junk Caverns', and 'Bubblegum Valley Install' by Erin Enns and Shanna Van Maurik aka Paper Bag Beers - November 2016

Our November 2016 exhibition featured the collaborative work of Akin members, Erin Enns and Shanna Van Maurik (AKA: Paper Bag Beers) and runs for the month of November.

Paper bag beers is a Toronto-based collaborative composed of two extraterrestrial rainbow children, Erin Enns and Shanna Van Maurik. Since 2013, they have been creating work together and sharing their love for the kind of colours that hurt your eyes. Enns' background is in illustration and design and Van Maurik's is in fine art, and painting. The combination of their two distinct styles creates work that falls somewhere in between fairy tale illustrations and dystopian toxic wastescapes. They illuminate planets unseen by the human eye, sometimes showcasing the creatures that inhabit them.

Exhibition includes two hanging pieces, Scumland Lazy River and Crusty Junk Caverns, both gouache on panel, 24x24” and a sculptural element titled, Bubblegum Valley Install.

SAT.00001 by Chris Harms - October 2016

Our first exhibition, SAT.00001 ran for the month of October, and featured brand new sculptural work by Chris Harms.

Chris has been a member of Akin Collective since 2013. His vibrant and elegant sculptures are made with hand-cut plexiglass. Harnessing light and colour, Chris’ work is intended to build a feeling of expansion and possibility, and functions as an exploration of space and physicality through his own aesthetic sensibilities.