Call for Submission: Deaf, Mad and Disability Artists

Tangled Art + Disability is currently accepting applications from Deaf, Mad and disability-identified artists to create new work for an upcoming series of exhibitions which will run from September 2017 to April 2018 at Tangled Art Gallery in Toronto.

Tangled Art + Disability invites proposals for projects in any artistic discipline that reflect the expansive dimensions of disability arts and culture. For this exhibition Tangled is seeking creative works that explore Canada’s past, present and future, centering the experiences of Deaf, Mad and disabled people, and responding to the following questions:

  • In what ways has Canada historically included or excluded us?

  • How do we navigate the current realities of living and being in this country?

  • How might we shape a future that truly embraces us?

Responses that relate to crip theory, intersectional identities and community-driven moments are welcome.

Tangled Art + Disability intends to reveal, celebrate and promote the work of diverse Canadian artists from Deaf, Mad and disability communities, and to bring attention and visibility to the contributions these artists are making to Canadian arts and culture. Tangled Art + Disability will support artists in developing thoughtful community-centered interactions and integrating inclusive practices of access and accessibility. Submissions from diverse communities and cultural backgrounds including Black, Indigenous, POC & LGBTQQIP2SAA are encouraged

Only submissions from Deaf, Mad and disability-identified artists will be considered. Written applications, as well as ASL video responses are accepted. Assistance in filling out the written application form is available, or applicants can respond to the questions in person if needed.

Applications will be accepted between March 9 and May 5, 2017. Contact Sean Lee at (647) 725-5064 to schedule an in person application or to book application writing assistance.