FORGE: Artist's Health: Stress, Self Care and Studio Safety

A huge thank you to everyone that attended our FORGE workshop on Artist's Health: Stress, Self Care and Studio Safety at the Al and Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre (AHC) at Toronto Western Hospital.

Akin Collective gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

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A huge thank you to everyone that attended the gallery crawl on Saturday and to COOPER COLE, Angell Gallery and ESP for showing us their new gallery spaces and current exhibitions.
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FORGE Workshop: Grant Writing 101 with the Ontario Arts Council


FORGE: Grant Writing 101 with the Ontario Arts Council 

September 2, 6:30pm
Ontario Arts Council- 151 Bloor Street West5th Floor Toronto, ON


Writing grants is a significant part of many artist's careers- so let's how to do it properly! This interactive workshop will explore the process of planning, writing and submitting grant proposals to different governing bodies

As a major funder themselves, the Ontario Arts Council provide clear examples of the grant writing process and the various the dos and don'ts of everything from creating your budget to organizing your support material and work plan.

Afterwards, participants will form a 'mock jury' and look at real examples of successful (and unsuccessful) grant applications. Join us and learn how to get grants from the people that give them at their own office!


Janice Lambrakos is Information Services Coordinator with the Ontario Arts Council.
Janice Lambrakos takes pride in having worked for the Ontario Arts Council for the past 25 years. She has provided administrative support in a number of program offices, including Community Arts, Film, Photography and Video (now Media Arts), and Literature, giving her an in-depth knowledge of many of the OAC’s granting programs. In 2000 Janice was promoted to Information Services Coordinator within OAC’s Outreach and Development section. This role has taken her to communities throughout Ontario, where she conducts information and grant application-writing sessions with individual artists. She also maintains relationships with other funders and business enterprise centres. Janice very much enjoys helping artists and arts organizations access OAC programs to support their activities. She is also a member of the OAC’s Disability Arts Committee.

Reworking the Common Knowledge #2

Free! Join the Facebook Event

Facilitators: Sona Safaei & Janna Brown
Wednesday July 09, 2014
7-10 pm

Akin Collective, Unit # 302, 87 Wade Avenue
Just north of Bloor & Lansdowne

Pre-register by email:

Join us for a second free performance/workshop to share stories and have an art chat.

Our program will have three parts:

1) Introductions and sharing stories
2) Presentation on Project Background/Context, Social Practice, and, some visions for a workshop series
3) Group Brainstorm + Activity

To get you thinking ahead, you could think of a story to share with the group. This could be a story from adolescence, childhood, etc. that stands out because it’s different than your experience now.

We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

FORGE Workshop Series: Reworking the Common Knowledge



Pre-register by email:

Join us for a free performance/workshop to share stories, make new connections, learn from each other, have an art chat, and rethink ideas around 'common knowledge' and community.

Forge connections. Fuel your practice. Shape your creative process. FORGE is a creative incubator
for practicing artists and designers.

Akin Collective, Unit # 101, 87 Wade Avenue
Just north of Bloor & Lansdowne

Facilitators: Sona Safaei & Janna Brown
Wednesday May 14, 2014
7-10 pm

This project is supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

FORGE Collaborative Workshop Series: LIVED BODY Movement + Multimedia

Wednesday, April 9: 7-10pm.
Akin Collective- 444 Dufferin St. Unit E

Facebook Event HERE

Using simple gestures and postures we'll choreograph creative movements that form a basis for engaging in our own practices. Based on our experience as “movers”, we will create 
collaborative multimedia works that play on the idea of the moving body in space and time to gain a deeper understanding of our owncreative processes.

Lisa Meschino has been making art for over 25 years and works with at-risk youth. Expand your
creative toolkit in this collaborative workshop for artists, writers, designers and performers.

AKIN COLLECTIVE PALS SPECIAL: Bring a member of AKIN Collectiveand get 25% off the advance ticket price by signing up together and using the code "AKINPALS". This means you can get in for $15! WOW DEALS. To receive the discount, be sure to mention the name of the Akin member and which studio they use.

ONLINE TICKETS ARE LIVE! Book your advance ticket

Here's Lisa Meschino's description of this practice-changing workshop:

Visual art is as much an embodied practice as dance, yoga, or meditation. This workshop will explore in a collaborative way the expressive potential of movement for creating visual works of art. Through a series of guided group activities, we will examine the questions: What is the embodied experience of one’s sense of self? What does that look/feel/move like? Using simple everyday movements in the form of gesture, gait, and posture, we will choreograph sequences of creative movement. Through these movement sequences, we will gain greater awareness of how our bodies naturally move and build empathy and connection with other “movers”. These movement activities will become the basis for engaging in a creative visual process. Based on our experience as “movers”, we will create collaborative and individual visual art works (using a variety of visual art materials) that play on the idea of the embodied self or the moving body in space and time. The format will be a playful, responsive process of co-creation, easily adaptable to an individual participant’s particular interest and experience level in visual art. Given the interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to this workshop, participants can expect to gain:a deeper understanding of their own individual creative processes; the supportive benefit of shared learning and interpersonal awareness; broadening of their creative toolkit; and opportunities for social/creative networking.

APRIL 9th 2014 | 7-10PM
$20 online, $25 at the door



Twine is a highly adaptable video game making tool that's being taken up by artists and storytellers the world over. Melding indie games, zine culture and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format, Twine has been lauded for its' simplicity, flexibility and charm. 

Our facilitator, Daniel Murtha, is a British animator and filmmaker working in Toronto. Learn about this captivating new medium from him in this collaborative workshop for artists, writers, designers and performers. 



FORGE connections. FUEL your practice. RESHAPE your creative process.

Kicking off this Winter, FORGE will be AKIN Collective’s newest creative incubator for practicing artists and designers. Participants will learn and share skills, discuss, debate, bust creative ruts, stretch their abilities, brainstorm with peers and be challenged to step outside of their practice. Our thematic workshops will provide an opportunity for advanced skill building with a strong emphasis on collaboration and knowledge transfer among members of AKIN’s community and beyond, and will focus on exploring unconventional processes or modes of expression. FORGE new paths in your creative practice.