Come Up To My Room 2015 at The Gladstone Hotel : Oliver Pauk & Michael Vickers

Akin members Oliver Pauk and Michael Vickers will be featured in the upcoming Come up To My Room event at The Gladstone Hotel.

See below for a video interview with the two artists about their plans, along with this article about their plans at

Come Up To My Room opens this Friday (January 16) at 7:00pm.

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Canadian Art Review: Sunday Drive

An amazing review of Sunday Drive in Canadian Art can be found HERE

Well done Akin Collective members Tania Thompson, Oliver Pauk and Michael Vickers.

For her Sunday Drive project, artist Hazel Meyer has turned the Cow Palace—the site of Warkworth’s Agricultural Fair—into an after-hours sports club for Muscle Panic, a rogue girl’s basketball team in need of a space in which to train, scheme, and otherwise spend time together, often at night. Photo: Sunday Drive Art Projects. - See more at:

Exhibition Opening: Push and Pull @ Mercer Union

Push and Pull presents a series of new works by artists Bridget Moser, Michael Vickers (*Akin) and Nikki Woolsey. The exhibition title refers to a constant tension, a position between moving in one direction, and into another; a perpetual state of struggle.

Bridget Moser’s performance and video work is suspended between internally voiced conundrums, stand-up comedy, experimental theatre, performance art, and prop comedy, with a continuous slippage from one state to another. In this in-betweenness a certain absurdity materializes, questioning a world of assumptions and belief systems.

Michael Vicker’s works sit between painting and sculpture, in prioritizing their object-hood physical struggle becomes manifest, highly industrialised materials are folded, pushed and beaten into other forms acknowledging the precarity of their formation and labour.

Nikki Woolsey coalesces distinct everyday found materials into sometimes seamless yet habitually unfamiliar forms. Broken vases, glass panels, and other quotidian objects seep into abstraction, questioning how we perceive objects and place value, and disrupting existent systems of knowledge.

Curated by Georgina Jackson

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