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Akin Creative: Virtual Reality - Artist 360 Video Creation Project

  • Akin Collective Lansdowne Studios 87 Wade Avenue Toronto, ON, M6H 1P5 Canada (map)

April 25 / 6:30pm - 9:30pm / Akin Lansdowne - 87 Wade Ave

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fast-developing technology with the potential to change the way entertainment, communication and recreation are experienced. Artists need the opportunity to create and experience the medium in a thoughtful, creative and safe environment.

The more VR enters our home, the more important that creative people learn to decipher how it remains a 'mediated reality'. Photography was once hailed as The Truth because it replicated what was in front of the lens, but with time, the public came to understand how it could be manipulated, not only through adding or removing elements in Photoshop, but by choosing, when shooting what goes inside and outside the frame. The same can be said about VR or 360 video, even though you're showing the entire scene, you're selecting a time and a place, and sequencing those scenes in an order that conveys a certain message.

This workshop will teach you how to create 360 videos, to think about the space you are documenting and learn about site-specific art work. As artists you will create a hand crafted site-specific installation together. Once the piece is finalized, it will be capture with a 360 camera. A facilitator will assist participants with the technical requirements. The final product will be sent to the students to be viewed on a VR viewer, such as Google Cardboard.

No experience necessary - all materials provided for the workshop. Please note that all students will be provided with the final digital file of the 360 video but not with a viewing device.

About the instructor:

Elizabeth Basskin is an artist, educator and filmmaker. She studied video, graphic design and painting at OCAD University, where she created her first stop motion animation. Through this experience she developed a passion for the medium and was inspired both to make animations and to teach film making to children. Over the past five years Elizabeth has developed her own stop motion animation and filmmaking animation workshops for children. In 2012 she earned a Bachelors of Education at York University and has taught art, filmmaking and graphic design to students in private and public schools throughout the city. Wishing to continue learning and experiment with new things, she decided to continue her education with the Masters in Digital Media program at Ryerson.

Why Digital Media?
Elizabeth is extremely enthusiastic about digital media because it is a driving face that is altering the way we work consume, create and share media. As an artist, educator and video maker Elizabeth interest in using Digital Media as a tool for communication and education.