Call for Submissions
Akin Vitrine Gallery
Monthly Exhibitions, 2019
1485 Dupont St & 1747 St. Clair Ave West
Toronto ON

Dear Akin Members,

We are very excited to announce our 2019 Call for Submissions for Akin’s Vitrine Gallery! We are programming for the coming year and looking to fill our monthly exhibitions with a variety of work from you, our studio members.

The Akin Vitrine Gallery launched on October 1, 2016 at our Dupont studios. This miniature gallery features the diverse talent of our members with a new installation each month.
If you are not yet familiar with the Vitrine Gallery, check out our website for more information:

First, some exciting announcements!
With the growth of Akin Collective and the opening of four new studio locations in the last year, we now have a second Akin Vitrine Gallery location at Akin St. Clair. This new gallery has been built into the window front on street level, which means visibility on St. Clair Avenue West! Featured artists will now be exhibiting for one month in our Dupont Vitrine location, and for a second month in our St. Clair Vitrine location. 

Also, this year marked the creation of the Akin Vitrine Gallery Instagram account: @akinvitrine. Each month @akinvitrine showcases the current artist in an interview style, month-long feature. Make sure to check out the account for more information, to follow us, and to support your fellow Akin members!

About the call:
We are aiming to program 12 exhibitions in 2019, each for two months long. First month of the exhibition will be at the Akin Dupont Vitrine location, corresponding with the month-long feature on Instagram. Second month of the exhibition will be at the Akin St. Clair Vitrine Gallery.

This call for submissions welcomes Fine Artists, Craftspeople, Designers and those whose work expands these limits to apply; we only ask that your project reads as visual art as opposed to a window display/merchandising.

Call for submissions are for active studio members only (currently renting studio space from any of our seven locations) and are open to 2 or 3 dimensional pieces in any medium and new media.

About the spaces:
Akin Vitrine Gallery, Dupont
The miniature gallery features white walls, floor and ceiling, overhead lighting, electrical access and large window. The Vitrine lends itself well to 2D hanging work, 3D display and site specific pieces, and is a perfect space to experiment with new materials and to try out new work or installation projects.

Interior Dimensions:
25.5” deep
38” wide
68” high

Window: 36.5” x 65.5”

Akin Vitrine Gallery, St. Clair
The St. Clair space features white walls, floor and ceiling, overhead lighting, electrical access and large window overlooking St. Clair Avenue West. The Vitrine lends itself well to 2D hanging work, 3D display and site specific pieces.

Interior Dimensions:
49” deep
35” wide
58” high

Window: 35” x 58”

Submission Details:

If you would like to submit work for consideration, please include:

  • Project description: due to the timeline of our programming, it is not imperative that you apply with finished work. If you are applying with a concept not yet realized, please provide a description of your project in one paragraph. Sketches for the project or photographs of similar work are preferred. 
  • Up to 3 images of the work to be exhibited, or similar if you are applying with a work in progress.
  • Images should be titled: FULLNAME_TITLE_SIZE_MEDIUM_DATE
  • A brief bio/statement up to 150 words
  • Contact information – including phone number, website and Instagram username if available
  • Requested month for exhibition - if you have a particular month in which you would prefer to show, please let us know what that month is and why. We will consider all requests but cannot guarantee we can accommodate them all.
  • Send submissions to: sara@akincollective.com with the words ‘VITRINE 2019 SUBMISSION’ as the email subject

Our goal is to curate a cross-section of work, representing a variety of media from all of our studio locations. This does mean that space is limited. We appreciate all of your submissions, and what we can’t accommodate for this project, we will keep in mind for future opportunities. Women, Aboriginal people, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and members of sexual minority groups are encouraged to apply. We will respond to submissions via email. Thanks, Everyone!

The Akin Vitrine Gallery Dupont is located at the Clock Factory Building at 1485 Dupont Street (entrance on Campbell Avenue). Find Akin Studio 215 on the second floor and follow the sign into the hallway around the corner. The building is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday | The Akin Vitrine Gallery St. Clair is located at 1747 St. Clair Avenue West, and is visible from the street at all times.