Akin's 2017 Summary Report

In order to be transparent about Akin's financial situation we have decided to publish a consolidated version of the 2017 financial results for both our non-profit Akin Projects and our for-profit Akin Collective. A 2018 report will be published in the spring of 2019.

As you can see below, Akin earned a significant amount from our studio rentals, but 74.3% of this revenue went directly to paying for the rents, utilities, and maintenance of our studios. After paying for these costs, as well as for the construction of numerous new studios and for the remainder of our expenses (including $8,471 in CARFAC artist fees) Akin had 15.7% of its overall budget remaining to pay its staff.

Of this, 67.9% went towards paying Akin's 6 part-time artist staff members and 32.1% (or $34,008) went to paying Michael Vickers, one of Akin's full-time Co-Directors. Our other full-time Co-Director and Akin's Founder, Oliver Pauk, has been working on a voluntary basis since the beginning of 2016. This is intended as a temporary scenario until Akin is in a financial position to pay him a salary.

Akin does not receive any operating funding at the local, provincial nor federal level, which ensures that no change in politics or policy will impact our ability to serve the artistic community.

Throughout 2017 Akin offered over 60 free or low-cost workshops, educational sessions or other events attended by nearly 1500 members of the public, we featured 183 artists in exhibitions or presentations and opened 4 new locations (Sunrise, Ossington, St Clair, and River).

Halfway through 2018, we are on track to do even more as we celebrate our organization’s 10th anniversary and continue considering and learning about how we can assist more artists and creatives, in more ways, across Toronto and beyond.

Earlier this spring, Akin's Co-Directors presented to The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage about preserving space for artists. Please click here for more information. We have recently hired Rania El Mugammar to create Akin's Equity & Diversity plan and to develop a new Safe Space policy for our studios.

Your support is invaluable as we continue to learn and grow as an organization, and we'd be thrilled to speak with you about your ideas.

Thank you for your interest.


2017 Revenues

Akin 2017 Revenues Chart.png

2017 Expenses

Akin 2017 Expenses Chart.png
Akin 2017 Expenses and Notes.png