Laser Cutting at Akin

Laser cutting services are now available for Akin Collective studio members at competitive prices. Email Kira Varvanina for inquiries

Materials that can be cut: 

1.    Plywood (up to ¼”)
2.    Balsa wood (up to ¼”)
3.    Acrylic (up to ¼”)
4.    Paper
5.    Cardboard (up to ¼”)

Maximum size of material: 600mm x 400mm

If you need material: 1/8” Baltic Birch can be sourced directly from Kira. She can also help you locate the material you need. 

Turn Around: Typically 7 days

Pricing: Fees will be determined on individual bases, depending on several factors including: complexity of the job, set up and special handling of materials, file preparation and duration of the cuts. The prices below are a guide of how the job will be priced: 

$1.00 per minute + $10 set up fee
Optional pre-masking wood products + $3/sheet

File specifics: Illustrator or Autocad*
*Kira can help you convert your images to these files, if you require assistance. 

Pick Up: 1485 Dupont Street, Akin Dupont Studio 215