Akin Members receive 10% off any level of membership to the Toronto Tool Library.

At the Toronto Tool Library, anyone with a membership can sign-out tools for both their home and community initiatives. Whether you are hanging a picture or renovating a community park, the Toronto Tool Library offers a range of equipment for your project as an extremely low-cost, resource sharing and space-saving alternative to purchasing and owning tools.

Learn more about the Toronto Tool Library at www.torontotoollibrary.com

Benefits of a Tool Library:

  • Provides access to specialized tools where ownership of the tool is cost prohibitive
  • Wide range of tools available including Power Generators, Construction & Renovation
  • Gardening & Landscaping, Painting & Drywall, Electrical Tools and more!
  • Operates on a non-profit basis and funds itself after the initial investment through membership fees / late fees / donations
  • Helps reduce environmental waste and clutter in the home
  • Provides home building workshops and training so users can improve their skills