Kyle Yip Solo Show - Vexillum


Akin Ossington Studio member Kyle Yip has a solo show called Vexillum opening Thursday March 21 2019. It’s always a pleasure to have one of our members work on display at Black Cat - Showroom since both Black Cat and Akin St. Clair at very new to the neighbourhood at St. Clair and Weston Road.


Black Cat - Showroom

1785 St Clair Ave W,

Toronto, ON M6N 1J6

Vexillum explores the relationship between eastern versus western aesthetic values. Multicoloured, puzzling paintings are composed of positive and negative spaces derived from various exotic styles throughout art history, including advertising, anime, and Memphis Design. These components are remixed and recomposed to represent multicultural identity and sexual boundaries.

Similar to international flags, these paintings are also used for advertising, decorative, or symbolic purposes. Flags are patriotic symbols with widely varied interpretations, often associated with military connotations because of their ongoing original premise. They have evolved into a concise communication tool for identification in environments where language barriers are particularly challenging.

The word vexillum is derivative of the Latin word, velum, meaning "a sail, curtain, or veil,” vexilla literally translating to "little sails."

Opening Reception: March 21st - 7pm - 10:30pm

Exhibition runs from March 21st - March 29th 2019

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12 - 5pm

Monday - Tuesday: Closed

Kyle Yip:

Kyle Yip is a sample-based, multi-disciplinary fine artist from Toronto. He is known not only for his international and national exhibitions in New York and Vancouver.

Also known as Discrete, Kyle Yip is a Toronto based DJ, producer and label owner of Savvy Records. He is known not only for his Juno Award Nominated full-length album, but also his remixes for international artists such as Brabe, Society of Silence and many more.

An affinity for the commingling and contrasting sounds and playful experimentation inspired the birth of Savvy Records, a platform he created to fill a distinct niche for the music he loves. Since the labels conception in 2010, it has released singles and albums from such notable artists as Bram Faber, Der Amethyst, Donk Boys, Frankie, Paradroid, Phil Denton, René van Munster, S.O.S., Thomas Gwosdz, Thore Pfieffer, Xavier León, as well as his own productions. His label also hosts the Savvy Records Podcast, an excellent resource for discovering new and dynamic music for newcomers and the more seasoned electronica listeners alike.

Following a strong library of solo releases, 'The Midas Touch' is Kyle's first full-length solo album. Kyle Intertwined his love for jazz, disco and soul with a deep-house and techno tinged sensibility. This medley of inspirations were crucial to constructing a sound that is not only exuberant and enigmatic, but also nostalgic and thoughtful. This rare fusion has garnered Kyle a nomination for 'Best Electronic Album of the Year' at the 2016 Canadian Juno Awards in Calgary.

While Kyle is an active presence in Toronto's nightlife, often throwing parties for his Savvy Records label, he is equally involved with an international community of producers and musicians. His accolades from distinguished artists such as DJ Sneak, Mark E, Mousse T and Pezzner can attest to this as well as his releases on labels such as Defected Records and Get Physical Music.

While eagerly awaiting a handful of upcoming releases for Savvy Records on the horizon — including a remix EP for 'Always No' from 'The Midas Touch' — he is also perfecting his next Discrete album, the sophomore follow up to 'The Midas Touch' LP. Amidst the sound and the fury, Kyle maintains a strong vision, with sights fixed upon a sound that can breathe beauty, communion and transcendence into us all

Kyle Yip

SAMARA Contemporary inaugural exhibition 'Centrepiece' opens tonight featuring work by Akin Dupont artist Luke Parnell and Akin MOCA artist David Salazar

SAMARA Contemporary, a new multi-use contemporary art space located in Kensington Market, will open to the public with its first exhibition, ‘Centrepiece’ tonight from 7-9pm. Featuring work by a variety of artists working in diverse media including sculptors Luke Parnell of Akin Dupont and David Salazar of Akin MOCA.


From the elaborate to the absurd centrepieces can direct and command attention or initiate and guide conversation. A centrepiece can exist as a concept, such as a central political or social issue in a debate. It can aesthetically unite a space, or set the tone for a soirée.

Throughout history, centrepieces have been a reflection of the times, whether they be large-scale installations of the 18th century that invoked a feeling of escape into imaginary worlds, or represent a rustic tableau, implying a contemporary preference for a more simple or eco-conscious lifestyle.

With the rich history of display pieces in mind, Centrepiece, the inaugural exhibit at SAMARA Contemporary presents a fantasy world of curated islands, laden with enticing objects.

Participating Artists:
Shary Boyle
Cathy Daley
Kaley Flowers
Emily Jan
Kent Monkman
Julie Moon
Luke Parnell
David Salazar
Leo Scopacasa
Chason Yeboah

Exhibit opening: March 2, 7-10PM
Exhibit closes: March 24
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11-7pm
Gallery location: 156 Augusta Ave, Toronto

About Luke Parnell:
Luke Parnell is a multidisciplinary Indigenous artist of Nisga’a and Haida descent. He is from a long line of fishermen and is Wilp Laxgiik Nisga’a. Follow Luke on Instagram at

About David Salazar:
David Constantino Salazar is a Toronto based sculptor who joined the Akin Studio Program at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada in September 2018. In his work he is interested in exploring the borders between necessity and excess, desires and addiction. Salazar's goal is to create work that is approachable through humour with the intent that the viewer can explore their own relationships with desire and overindulgence through his allegorical sculptures.

About SAMARA Contemporary:
SAMARA Contemporary’s core mission is to embrace and support the work of national and international contemporary creators working in the field of art + design. In addition to our in-house programming, SAMARA C will work closely with exhibiting partners and guest curators to present thoughtful and engaging exhibits that will entice the art-curious and the seasoned collector alike. Located in Toronto’s historic Kensington Market neighbourhood, SAMARA C contributes to the longstanding history and bright future of the area as an innovative and inclusive hub for creative culture.