Save Inspirations Studio!


Inspirations studio is a unique hybrid social enterprise/self-employment program for women who have been impacted by poverty, trauma, homelessness, mental and physical health or addiction issues. Through the making and selling of their pottery, members gain stability, a sense of community, supplemental income, a creative practice and a new way to see themselves.

We are heartbroken to share that Inspirations Studio is facing imminent closure.  For 23 years, the ceramics-based program has supported hundreds of low-income women who have been impacted by poverty, homelessness, addiction, trauma, and mental health issues. Please consider supporting Inspirations Studio on their CandaHelps fundraising page: 

The fundraising campaign will raise funds for rent and studio supplies so the members can continue to access a creative space, generate income and maintain a sense of meaning and purpose. Inspirations Studio is a one-of-a-kind program and has provided scores of women with a lifeline for 23 years. It would be a tragedy to let it come to an end in such a short time.  Thank you for your support and for spreading the word!

Akin Artist Designed Fundraiser T-Shirts: Available now for pre-order!

Introducing two new limited edition t-shirts designed by artists Billy Franklin of Akin Dupont and Cierra Frances Akin Sunrise. Available in five sizes and made of high Quality 100% soft spun cotton, the sale of these shirts will go to support our not-for-profit organization Akin Projects. Available for pre-order now in our online shop at

Akin X Billy Franklin

Focusing on hard lines, bold colours and clean typography, Billy’s work is easily recognizable. He is influenced by late 90’s skateboard graphics and cartoons from his childhood. Franklin’s work is humorous and witty, sure to draw in his audience with his clever perspective.

Akin X Cierra Frances

Cierra Frances is an interdisciplinary, Toronto-based artist and arts administrator whose work consists of various explorations of material and techniques in painting, drawing and printmaking. Her artist practice focuses on biracial identity and "Eurasian" culture found through her Filipino ancestry. Her research is deeply rooted in Filipino History dating back to Spanish Colonialism to current days and addresses subconscious colourism in Asian culture.

These limited edition shirts will also be available for purchase or pick-up at Edition Toronto the second annual Toronto international art book fair October 27–30, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Use code EDITIONPICKUP to pick up at Edition and avoid the shipping fee.

Special requests or questions? Email
Thank you to Peace And Cotton Inc. for their help with this special project.

Amanda Wand and the Akin Vitrine Gallery


The Akin Vitrine Gallery is excited to present new work by Dufferin studio artist, Amanda Wand! This work will be on view for the month of October.

Amanda Wand’s new work, Emotional Acceptance, is a true representation of allowing and accepting all emotions. No emotions are good nor bad, they just are. She wants to provide a space for people to feel reassured that everyone is battling their emotions in different ways and that is what creates a beautiful social human experience. She uses the gallery space to bring together people who are mindful of social justice, and who can benefit from artwork that provides healing, inspiration, and empowerment. This show is about honestly accepting how you feel and taking the time to appreciate your feelings and how they shape you as a human being.

Mando, also known as Amanda Wand, is a Toronto based abstract artist. She allows herself to be guided by what she’s feeling, creating pieces that are imbued with emotion. The process of each piece is of utmost importance to Mando, as she wants the artwork to represent the wide range of human emotions we all possess. She finds inspiration in communicating the difficulties of processing social inequality in the world. 

Using her artwork as a reminder for everyone that it is imperative that we pause, reflect, and allow ourselves to express our emotions in order to move forward. Her artwork is the most honest representation of herself and she hopes to inspire moments of introspection in others as she finds the process of creation as a form of survival.

The Akin Vitrine Gallery is located at the Clock Factory Building at 1485 Dupont Street (entrance on Campbell Avenue). Find Akin Studio 215 on the second floor and follow the sign into the hallway around the corner.

The building is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, or to arrange a viewing outside of those hours please contact the artist:

instagram: @mandoandtheworld