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Akin Vitrine Galleries + Andrew Kennedy

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We are excited to introduce our Akin Vitrine Gallery artist for the months of July and August, Andrew Kennedy. Andrew has been an Akin Dupont member since 2016, and his piece ‘Fighting Alone’ will be on exhibit in our Vitrine Galleries in July and August. 

‘Fighting Alone’ by Andrew Kennedy have moved north to Akin St. Clair Studios. 'Fighting Alone' explores issues surrounding human agency, individual dignity, and political demoralization. What might be more important; the group someone belongs to, or their capacity as an individual? Whose job is it to ‘fix’ the problems of our society; is it the citizen or the politician? Can human beings who tend to find meaning in life through their realization as an individual, also find meaning in group responsibility? The viewer is encouraged to bring their own thoughts and beliefs when considering the installation. After all, there are no ‘hard truths’ when contemplating the ephemeral atmosphere surrounding the current human condition.

Andrew V. Kennedy was born in New York, NY, and currently lives and works in the greater Toronto area. He received a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design, and an MFA in Painting from Brooklyn College. His work has always been centered around the dignity of the individual, and their life in society. Issues of politics, modernity, sociology, and our ‘inner lives’ can also be seen in his work. Kennedy’s exploration of these issues began with simple portraiture; but eventually grew to include the use of text. His work has been exhibited both in New York City, and Toronto, ON.

Fighting Alone
oil on canvas
dimensions available

To contact the artist:
Instagram: @andrew_v_kennedy

Visit for more information.