Day Trip Opening Reception June 10th

Gallery 555 opens a new exhibition June 10th 2-5, featuring the work of 8 Toronto based painters, the exhibition explores themes related to leisure and impermanence. The artists explore these themes through various strategies including depicting the nuanced relationship between humans and their environment in the experience of  leisure, the enjoyment and exploitation of nature, depictions of fantastical and manufactured landscapes, and through the tradition of nature-morte and the impermanence of the human experience.  

Working in a range of traditions from abstraction to still-life to surrealism to expressionism the works in the exhibition range  in use of materials from traditional oil paints, to tree bark, to sparkles and inkjet, to wax and carbon pencil and more.    

Amanda Baron
Chen Cao
Kaitlin Johnson
Vanessa McKernan
James Olley
Ester Pugliese
Cortney Stevenson
Daniel St -Amant

Most of the artists will be present at the opening reception.

Gallery hours:
Saturday June 17th   2 - 6pm
Saturday June 24th   2 - 6pm
Saturday July 8th     2 - 6pm

or by appointment: