Ceramics at Akin

There are kilns available at Akin Dupont to fire ceramics for studio members as well as members of the public. The kilns are privately owned and operated but we would be happy to answer any ceramics questions you may have

Please email loren@lorenkaplan.com if you wish to fire ceramics at Akin Dupont. In your email please specify the amount of space required, type of clay body, brand of glaze used and firing temperature, and what date you need the items fired by. You will be connected with the appropriate technician and informed of firing policies and procedure at Akin.

Drop-off dates and times are to be confirmed with the kiln technicians who will meet with clients to screen the pieces and confirm the cost.

Akin Dupont: 1485 Dupont St (Dupont & Symington), 2nd floor


SMALL KILN: Cone Art Electric Kiln, 3 Cubic Feet
LARGE KILN: Cone Art Electric Kiln, 10 Cubic Feet,


Note: pricing is approximate. Additional charges will be made for rush orders. Additional surcharges may be added by technicians upon evaluation of pieces at time of delivery.

Large kiln: 
Full kiln $70
Full shelf $20
Half shelf $12

Small kiln:
Full $30
Full shelf $10


  • Pieces must be 100% ready to go into the kilns upon drop-off: No touch-ups or glazing inside the shared area of the studios. Any glazed work must have the bottoms cleaned of any glaze residue.

  • Payment is required upon drop-off. Kiln technicians will facilitate immediate payment by cash or credit card upon drop-off of the work.

  • Pick-up of finished ceramic work is immediate and is required within a day of finished firing. There is so little room for storage at the studios. Ceramicists are not permitted to leave pieces for more than 24 hours of their finished firings. Pick-up date and time should be established with the technician at drop-off.

  • Priority is given to Akin members but with shared firings there is most often enough space for external users.

  • Akin is not responsible for any damage to the work caused during the firings.

  • A replacement fee for any damage caused to kiln furniture due to misuse of clay and glaze will be added.


Akin Dupont is not currently reliably wheelchair accessible. Akin regrets this barrier to access.

The main entrance (located on Campbell Ave) has step free access into the lobby area. Once inside, the main entrance staircase leading to the second floor has 23 steps with a handrail. At the second floor landing, the hallway to the left leads you to our four studio doors.

There is a secondary building entrance also located on Campbell Avenue, a little south of the main entrance. There is one step up to the door and once inside, there is a staircase with 22 steps and a handrail that takes you to the second floor.

Photo credit: Janet Hinkle

Photo credit: Janet Hinkle