Shanna Van Maurik interviewed on Hayley's World

Our very own Shanna Van Maurik of Akin Dupont was recently featured on Hayley's World , the blog of infamous and influential Canadian fashion designer Hayley Elsaesser. 


In the interview, Shanna talks about her work, inspiration, fashion and of course SCUMLAND:

Everyone in Scumland is kinda gross, imperfect and a second-rate version of their real world selves. I’ve always felt a little bit out of place and I think that’s part of where being an artist comes in. I love doing things with my hands and creating. If you can’t afford something or something isn’t given to you, you can make what you have special as long as you’re creative. If you don’t fit into this world, make your own.
— Shanna Van Maurik for Hayley's World