Akin artists Sara Pearson and Kira Varvanina at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival

The 8th annual Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) has begun with over a hundred design exhibitions and events happing at all over Toronto until January 21, 2018. We invite you to check out the TO DO schedule of events and explore the festival this week. 

Don't miss 'Rugs!' featuring new work by Akin Dupont artist Sara Pearson and 'Le Grand Mobile' featuring intricately made wooden creations by Akin Dupont artist Kira Varvanina

MADE presents Rugs!

Prospector Rug by Sara Pearson of Akin Dupont in collaboration with designer Lis Eeuwes

Prospector Rug by Sara Pearson of Akin Dupont in collaboration with designer Lis Eeuwes

Location: MADE Design, 70 Geary Avenue
Exhibition Dates: January 16-20, 2018
Opening Reception: Sat, Jan 20, 5-8PM

MADE is committed to innovative design made on a small scale in Canada to the highest quality. 

This is the first collaboration between artist Sara Pearson and designer Liz Eeuwes. Their creation combines elements of Sara’s gemstone paintings and colour palette, with the rich texture and sculptural design.

Sara Pearson is a Toronto based interdisciplinary artist exploring the relationship between materials and the natural world, using the optical phenomena that exist within cut gemstones as inspiration in her paintings. She also works with found materials, bronze, marble, clay, cement, and terra-skin paper to compose her sculptures and installations and has shown with Project Gallery in Toronto. 

Liz Eeuwes is a materials-led designer with a focus on small batch and custom produced rugs and accessories. Working in partnership with international artisan craftsmen, her home collections marry modern designs and colour stories with the rich heritage of traditional weaving. Her past collections have included themes of placemaking, scale, and our connection to Canadian iconography.

Le Grande Mobile at Mini Mioche

Wooden mobile by Kira Varvanina

Wooden mobile by Kira Varvanina

Location: Mini Mioche Store, 795 Queen Street West
Exhibition Dates: January 15-21, 2018

“Le Grand Mobile” is an artistic exploration of the idea of the “mobile” as not merely a children’s toy but a hanging artwork, which derives its movement from air or touch. “Le Grand Mobile” window installation is inspired by the sculptures of Alexander Calder – the creator of the modern mobile. Kira Varvanina's intricately made wooden creations, in particular Geometric Mobiles, are suspended from the ceiling and form discrete movable parts. The overall sculpture moves with air and motors creating a non-static presence.

Kira Varvanina is the owner and creator of Miloshka Handmade, a design brand specializing in unique lasercut nursery mobiles, clocks & wall décor. 


The fourth annual Toronto Design Offsite Festival will show the best in Canadian design at exhibitions and events across the city, from unexpected prototypes to immersive installations, January 20-26, 2014.

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) is a not-for-profit, independent design festival happening annually at the end of January. TO DO’s aim is to provide exposure for local and national designers; to foster public understanding and knowledge of the practice of design; and to create an ongoing presence that promotes Canada’s creativity, drawing on great thinkers, practitioners, and educators to a deliver an innovative celebration of art and design.
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