Open Studio Printmaking Courses

Open Studio offers courses 3 times a year beginning in September, December and April. Courses provide a unique opportunity to work with professional printmaking artists, and are specifically designed for adults with no previous experience. Limited class sizes allow for individual needs and development. Classes vary in length of commitment, there are organized here in order of commitment. All courses and workshops take place at Open Studio, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 104, Toronto, Ontario. Please forward inquiries to


Etching -Participants will work with metal plates and acid to create a range of images, textures and lines. The aquatint etching process, which produces a range of flat tones, will also be explored.

Lithography -Participants will learn to draw and paint onto the surface of a finely ground limestone, which is then chemically processed before printing.

Screenprinting -Participants will use direct stencil methods to transfer ink onto paper. This course is suitable for photo-based, hand drawn or computer manipulated imagery.


Photo Etching -Participants will use photopolymer film to transform photographs, digital imagery or drawings into etchings.

CMYK Screenprinting -Participants will use four-colour process printing to convert photographic images into full-colour screenprints.


Linocut Relief Printing -Participants will explore different linoleum block cutting, inking and printing techniques using oil-based inks to create images of two or more colours.

Letterpress Printing  -Participants will use a Vandercook press to explore letterpress block printing using linocuts, hand set type, dingbats and pre-exposed photopolymer plates.


Mokuhanga Intensive -Participants will find out how to transfer and carve an image into a woodblock, which is then inked and hand printed on Japanese paper. Japanese woodblock printing is distinguished by the use of transparent and opaque water-based pigments and requires a hand printing tool.

Abstract Monotype on a Lithography Press -Participants will be introduced to the dynamic possibilities of monotyping on a lithography press. Hands on demonstrations will cover positive and negative mark making, paper handling, ink modification, and proper printing strategies.

Mezzotint -Participants will learn how to properly prepare a copper plate, creating a textured surface that will print as a full black. Mezzotint is a non-acid, intaglio technique that produces rich blacks and soft tonal gradations.

T-Shirt Screenprinting -Participants will learn the basics of screenprinting t-shirts. No prior printing experience necessary. Participants will be able to purchase t-shirts prior to the workshop or can bring their own.

Collagraph -Participants will learn about collagraph plate making—originating from collage—by experimenting with non-traditional materials to create colourful and textured multiples.


The Open Session program allows participants who have printmaking experience to work independently with minimal supervision. The program is especially useful to students who want to transition from classes to renting at Open Studio. Open Studio’s Technical Director must approve registration. Please contact Open Studio for more details.

Private Instruction Customized sessions are arranged by a Technical Director to provide individuals with specialized instruction outside of standard classes. A minimum deposit of $100 is required. Please call Open Studio for more information.

Studio Tours and Demos

Open Studio offers a range of tours and demonstrations for post-secondary students, adult groups and corporate groups. Tours and demos are great opportunities for team building, social groups and extended learning. Tours are offered Tuesday to Friday, during the hours of 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, with a minimum of two-week advance booking. Please call 416-504-8238 for more information.

Don Phillips Scholarship

The Don Phillips Scholarship is given to a student currently enrolled in an undergraduate art program (full or part-time) with a printmaking major at an accredited Canadian institution who will be graduating in the Spring of 2017 and who will not be returning to studies full-time in September of 2017. A jury comprised of artists, curators, educators and/or arts administrators selects recipients.

This scholarship includes, rent free access to the studio facilities for a period of one year, materials assistance and Professional development assistance. Over the course of the year scholarship recipients will receive tuition free access to Open Studio workshops, and exhibition and artist fees.
Deadline for scholarship submissions is 11:59PM EST May 1, 2017

Jeannie Thib Mentorship Residency

Jeannie Thib (1955-2013) was a talented artist and cherished member of the Open Studio community. This mentoring focused residency is a fitting way honour Jeannie Thib’s legacy. Jeannie was a great supporter of other artists, long established and emerging. This residency is open to a printmaker in the early stages of their career, who has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to their practice within the last one to five years.

Residency includes:

  • Rent free access to the studio facilities for a period of two consecutive months between September in the calendar year the residency is awarded and June of the following year.

  • Up to 16 hours of mentoring with an established print media artist to hone the recipient’s technical skills and provide career development support.

  • Materials up to $300, to be purchased through Open Studio.

Submissions must be received by Open Studio by 11:59 pm EST (GMT -5) on May 1.


It's time again for the annual Akin Collective Open Studio!

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Saturday, September 5
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Art work for sale! Open studios! BBQ! Drinks! Tie Dye Party!


Hazel Eckert: 

Glass Slide Compositions

Opening Reception: Friday, April 4, 2014, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Open Studio
401 Richmond Street West
Suite 104
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3A8  Canada
Phone/Fax: 416-504-8238
Opening Reception: Friday, April 4, 2014, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Hazel Eckert’s practice is a form of visual research: a process-oriented investigation of her environment. Eckert spends her days in a commercial letterpress print shop working with analogue technology, where she scavenges materials off of the floor and out of recycling bins.  These discarded offcuts and byproducts constitute an ever-expanding collection of fragments and ephemera. Eckert’s recent work uses sheets of glass to suspend collages made from the salvage and debris created during the printing process. These forms are a result of mis-fed sheets or discarded offcuts that fall out of reach and are forgotten inside the presses and left to disintegrate by soaking up the oils and grease from the machines. By appropriating printer’s materials and limiting the number of elements involved, she creates minimal, self-referential works with found textures and readymade colours.

Eckert is interested in tapping into the archival impulse in contemporary culture—the increasing trend towards collecting, documenting, and “curating” objects, and the way this behaviour cultivates a degree of reverence for these artifacts. Encased as glass slides such as those typically used to hold objects in place for examination, the ephemera preserved in this exhibition form an archive as a process of reimagining found materials.

Hazel Eckert is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist and printer based in Toronto. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, including The Toronto Artist Project. In 2010 Hazel received The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition’s Best in Printmaking award and participated in Atelier Graff’s Insertion Project in Montreal, Quebec, which was funded in part by an Ontario-Quebec Residency Grant from the Ontario Arts Council. In 2013 she received the Nick Novak Fellowship from Open Studio, where she will be printing until September 2014 in preparation for a solo exhibition in October.


Join us for a showcase of recent work by members of Akin Collective along with our annual holiday sale and the launch of our first publication, the Akin Colouring Book.

To help get you in the festive cheer there will be some mulled wine, treats and wobbly pops.

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December 7, 1:00pm-6:30pm
Akin Landsdowne Studio, 87 Wade Avenue, Toronto.